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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

The needs for continuous electrical supply led to the development of a new, compact and highly reliable range of ATS. The HP series ATS is a new generation automatic transfer switch that adopts power changeover operation. It has advantages of simple structure, fast switching (switching time is less than 80 ms) in comparison with traditional contactors or motor-switch. Furthermore, the main contact system is a single pole double throw structure that will not turn on two power supplies at the same time even in the case of emergency.

Scope of use
It is used for emergency power supply system to switch between two power supply, in order to ensure continuous and reliable electrical power to critical loads. It is primarily used in critical installations, for instance, fire protection system, telecommunication, coal mine and shipping, chemical industry and metallurgy, industrial plants, medical and health care, bank and securities exchange, airport, underground express way, military establishment and similar loads that requires non-interrupted and reliable power supply. Function and Characteristic of Automatic Transfer Switch
• With 2 safe and stable position
• Compact and simple switch structure, easy to install
• Ease for operation, with long service life
• Rated current of HP series 4 poles from 32A to 400A

For more information, download this file
 1.  ATS-HIC Range

  1,04 MB
 2.  ATS-HIC Technical

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