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Hager Bandug


Tebis Kallysto

Tebis Range

Tebis Intelligent control system for buildings

System applications:
- Intelligent buildings
- High-class villas, apartments and homes

System control capability:

- Lighting
- Motorised curtains, blinds, awnings and sunshade
- Motorised windows
- Air-conditioners / heating equipments
- Pumps for pools and reticulation
- Electrical appliances and equipment

System advantages:
- Energy efficient
- Automatic scenes and functions
- Quick, intuitive and stylish interfaces
- Flexible
- Expandable
- Extra low voltage control for safety and reliability

System principles:
- Bus structure
- Uniform control by system devices and actuators
- Panels and sensors connected to the bus for real time communication and display
- Software to program and set the interaction of system devices, actuators and sensors, for automation and multi-use control

Major control functions:
- Computer interface control
- Telephone keypad control
- Infrared remote control
- Intelligent switch control
- Timer control
- Light and weather sensor control
- Constant luminance control
- Movement and presence detection control
Technical for Modular & Box

Technical information

T.2 Ingress protection
T.3 Mini Gamma, Cosmos & Golf enclosure dimensions
T.4 Vector enclosures - IP55
T.5 ICOS, IU, Invicta TP&N
T.6 Vega dimensions
T.7 Orion enclosure dimensions - steel
T.8 Orion enclosure dimensions - polyester
T.9 Volta flush enclosures
T.12 Earth leakage relays
T.13 Torroïds for Earth Leakage Relays
T.15 MCB
T.17 MCB 125A
T.18 Remote control and automatic reset auxiliary device
T.19 Auxiliaries
T.20 RCD add-on blocks
T.23 Technical information motor starters
T.24 Surge protection devices
T.28 Enclosed fuse combination switch
T.29 Control relays
T.34 Latching relays - Auxiliaries for latching relays
T.36 Choice of contactors
T.39 Technical data - Analogue time switches Analog. time switches 72x72mm - Digital time switches
T.42 Electronic switch clocks
T.43 Delay timers
T.45 Time lag switches
T.46 Transformers
T.47 EK 186 multi-range thermostat
T.48 EK 187 multi-setting thermostat
T.49 EK 081 - EK 082 - EK 083 probes
T.51 Voltmeters, ammeters, current transformers multimeter
T.53 Kilowatt hour meters
T.56 Technical data - twilight switches
T.57 Dimmers
T.64 Two-channels twilight switches
T.65 Telephone remote control

For more information, download this file
 1.  Technical Automation

  1,66 MB
  1,90 MB
  2,86 MB
  2,96 MB
 2.  Technical Box

  2,03 MB
 3.  Technical Protection

  2,51 MB
  1,09 MB
  2,17 MB

Circuit protection devices

Modular Protection Devices MCB RCD

Circuit protection devices

C.2  Miniature circuit breakers
C.9  Miniature circuit breakers 80-125A
C.13  Remote control auxiliary and auto reclosing remote control auxiliary
C.14  Auxiliaries and accessories for MCBs & RCCBs
C.15  RCD add-on blocks

Modular Automation

Modular Automation

Automation and control equipment

D.2 Latching relays - Latching relays auxiliaries
D.4 Relays - Interface relays
D.5 Contactors and override contactors
D.6 Electromechanical time switches
D.8 Analogue time switches 72 x 72mm

Box Hager

A.2 Mini Gamma enclosures
A.3 Cosmos and Icos enclosures
A.4 IU metal enclosures
A.5 IP55 enclosures
A.6 Golf enclosures
A.7 Vega mounting enclosures
A.8 Volta flush enclosures
A.9 Orion Plus metal IP65 enclosures
A.11 Orion Plus GRP IP65 enclosures
A.15 Invicta - MCB distribution boards

MCCB Hager

  • Complies with IEC60947-2 standard
  • Rated current ranges from 16A to 800A
  • With four frame sizes for selection
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compact structure, practical functionality

Contactor Hager

Contactor Hager

EW Series Contactor